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Swim Meet 101

Below you'll find some quick tips for parents who are new to swim meets! 

  • First things first - Always let the meet organizers know you're there! Expect to write Event, Heat, and Lane assignments on each swimmer's forearm (see instructions below)
  • Next, encourage your swimmer to get warmed up - practice a few starts, turns, and count backstroke strokes from the flags to the wall 
  • Once the meet begins, watch and listen closely for the event numbers - they move quickly! 


On the LEFT arm between the elbow and wrist---write "E H L" on the top so you can write the info for each race below (Event-Heat-Lane). This should be written lengthwise. Write so the swimmer can bend their arm and see their info (see photo below). Make sure there is space between columns in case of changes

What and How to write on your swimmers arm for a swim meet

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